Agility Ability is a team of volunteer special education teachers, therapists, dog handlers, and certified therapy and agility dogs, that lead and teach children with special needs on how to do the sport of agility. 

Our 45 minute class includes instruction from the handlers on how to run the dogs, and the child running the dogs through an agility course. 

Agility Ability teaches children how to verbalize commands to the dog, so they can direct the dog through the course. This exercise works on physical and cognitive abilities in  the children, as well as confidence. Games, designed by the special education teacher, help the children and dogs work together. 

The last portion of the class is designated to teach the children how to treat a dog by gently petting, brushing and talking to them. We sit and read to the children as they quietly brush and hold their dog. 

We have seen children learn the sport of agility training and desire to work hard with these dogs. We are thrilled with how this sport, and the dogs, have enhanced these special children’s lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage your child to:
*Make eye contact
*Move with purpose
*Gain confidence in themselves
*Gain confidence around dogs
*Speak clearly and confidently to the dog

Agility Ability promotes focus in children

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