1) What should my child wear?
Answer: Tennis shoes (no flip flops or crocs) and clothes for running and playing. (In Winter you may want to wear a sweatshirt, as the facility can be chilly)

2) Do I need to bring my own dog or own a dog?
Answer: No. We have trained agility and certified therapy dogs that will work with your child one on one with an experienced dog Handler.

3) What if my Child is afraid of dogs?
Answer: Many kids have a healthy fear of dogs and should be able to overcome this fear within one or two classes. If your child is paranoid or has a true phobia of dogs, we suggest setting up a sessions with our Dog Behaviorist. She will be able to work with your child one on one in a private session to slowly overcome their unhealthy fear of dogs.

4) Do I need to purchase a special uniform?
Answer: No, but we do sell child and adult size Agility Ability tshirts for $12.

5) Can my typical son or daughter participate?
Answer: Not in the Agility Ability class. But ARF facility offers individual and group classes for kids.
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