*Congratulations to our Lead Handler, Candice and Michael Mason on the birth of their son! Agility Ability is taking some time off to enjoy our families over the summer and we will let everyone know when classes will be resuming. Thank you for understanding! *

Please pay through any of our three easy options:

1) Paypal button below
2) Mail payment to Agility Ability: 3351 Cheshire Rd., Delaware OH 43015
3) County Funding by emailing Connie a PAS from your Service Provider

4) Scholarships are available by signing form on Contact Us page, available one time per year

upon availability!   today!

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Classes with Scholarship

*Our classes are held at Agility & Rally for Fun (ARF)
 1000 Morrison Rd. Ste. 100
facility in GAHANNA, OHIO

Winter 2018
  Participants must be a minimum of age 5 to attend classes
Payment will be accepted through Paypal on this website, or by mailing a check
along with this completed Waiver/Registration form.
Registration is accepted on a first received basis.  
Acceptance/Acknowledgment of your registration & payment will be sent via email
 (or phone call) once received.

Please copy and print the registration form below and send the completed form & payment to mailing address:

Agility Ability

c/o Connie Will
3351 Cheshire Rd.
Delaware, OH 43015

Refunds will NOT be issued once classes begin
Scholarship Available with filled out form (see Contact Page)
DATES:  Saturdays, Jan 27, Feb 10, Mar 3, Mar 17, April 7, April 28
10 a.m. class time______


PARENT/GUARDIAN NAMES:____________________________________________________________________


Participant’s Name:_______________________________________________________

Age & D.O.B________________________



EMAIL ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________

CELL NUMBER: (may we text you?)____________________________________________________ yes __  no __

HOME PHONE NUMBER:___________________________________________________________________


EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER:___________________________________________________________________


Participant’s Diagnosis \(or explanation if  necessary): __________________________________________________________________________

Is your child on any medication that we need to be aware of: __________________________________________________________________________


Is your child potty trained? :__________________________________________

Does your child have any condition(s) that may interfere with camp such as:
Oppositional Behavior Disorder, Defiance disorder, Resistance to being with a stranger, difficulty functioning in a social setting
If yes, please describe:__________________________________________________________________


Is your child able to communicate? (if no, how does she/he communicate with others):______________________________________________________________________________

Participant’s Likes/Dislikes/Fears:___________________________________________________________________________

Does your child have an unhealthy fear of dogs/animals? (if yes, please explain): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does your child get frustrated often? (If yes, what are some early warning signs that your child is becoming frustrated with a task)? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is your child afraid of loud or sudden noises?________________________________________________________________________________

What strategies or techniques are used with your child to promote positive behaviors? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What strategies or techniques are used to discourage negative behaviors that will enable us to work safely with your child? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?_______________________________________________________________________

Waiver/release from Liability  for

Agililty Ability  &  Columbus All Breed Training Facility

             In consideration for being allowed to participate in agility programs, work with agility trainers, staff and volunteers, use agility equipment, work with agility dogs, and enter the premises where activities will be held by Agility Ability and Columbus All Breed Training Facility, the undersigned, on his or her behalf, and on behalf of the minor identified below, and those persons or entities set forth in numbered paragraph 3, acknowledges and agrees that:

 1) There is a risk of injury from participation in the activities engaged in, and while particular rules, equipment and personal discipline may reduce the risk, the risk still exists and is accepted and assumed by me; and

 2) I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, and however arising, even if arising from an agility dog or from the negligence of other participants, volunteers, staff and employees. I will assume full responsibility for the participants listed below. I agree to assume liability for all medical costs, attorneys’ fees and any and all other expenses and damages resulting from injury to myself, the participants listed below and those persons and entities set forth in numbered paragraph 3 below, and

 3) I, for myself and on behalf of my spouse (if any), children, heirs, hereby release and hold harmless Agility Ability and Columbus All Breed Training Facility and its employees, volunteers, and all other participants with respect to any and all expenses, medical bills, causes of action, claims, injury, disability, loss and damage to person or property to the fullest extent permitted by law.


 Participant Name


 Adult Guardian Name



 Adult Guardian Signature

For Agility Ability use:   Paid Amt: _______________   Check #______________ Date Rcvd.______________



We request permission for your child___________________________________________ to have his/her picture taken or to be videotaped by a member of Agility Ability Dog Agility Therapy Team.  If permission is granted by signing below, your child’s picture and/or name, may be used in newspaper articles, television stories, brochures, websites and other promotional publication and video productions.


____  Yes, I give my permission


____ No, I do not give my permission



Parent or Guardian’s Signature




  **YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN THE Photograph Release Form

Please make checks payable to Agility Ability

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