“My 8 year old daughter, Avery, was born with a duplication of chromosome 15 which has left her with physical and cognitive delays, and seizures.  Avery has an intense love for animals, especially dogs.  The day I figured out what a great therapy dog agility would be for kids with special needs is the day that I will not soon forget.  I was working as a Personal Trainer with friends of mine that compete in dog agility.  As a trainer I have seen the great benefits, physically and emotionally of dog agility , as well as it being such a cognitive challenge.  One of my agility friends asked to take my daughter Avery around the course, and to be honest, I had no idea of what to expect.  I knew that Avery loved dogs, but was afraid she wouldn’t cooperate or understand what the dogs were doing.  Well, to my surprise it was the exact opposite.  As she was walking along side the dog, the trained agility dog jumped the bars and sped through the tunnel with ease and then weaved his way through the weave poles.  To Avery (and my) delight.  Avery gave a huge jump in the air and she giggled throughout the while course.  She stopped and looked at me as if to say, “Mom, I did it… I made the dog jump!”  She had the greatest sense of accomplishment on her face as well as such a huge smile and sparkle in her eye.  She believed that she made the dog run the course and she was such a proud little girl!  I stood there motionless, knowing that something truly special had just happened.  She wanted to run the dog over and over again.  It was a very exciting day for both of us.  To see my daughter proud of herself and her ability meant the world to both of us.  As I stood there, I knew this was something that had to be shared with other special kids and parents.  Since that day I have been working, along with my precious agility friends, Cindy Warren and Gale Haugh, to make this therapy open to kids with special needs.  I have to say, to see the smiles and the excitement on the children’s faces just makes my day.  To know that I am helping my own daughter learn to focus, run, learn and have fun with dogs means more to me than I can put into words”    — Connie Will, Mom & Founder AGILITY ABILITY

“My son Jack, who is 7 and has Down Syndrome, loves AGILITY ABILITY!  He loves giving the dogs their commands, leading them through the agility course, and then brushing them at the end of the session.  Throughout the week after each session, Jack would name the dogs he worked with and just giggle (he especially loved Tibs).  What I love about Agility Ability was the way Jack saw an immediate connection between language and action; he saw that his commands made the dogs jump, run, or weave.  When Jack was on the course, he used more words more often and more consistently than usual.  I highly recommend AGILITY ABILITY to any kid with special needs”    — Kathleen Hickey, Mom

“Nine year old Max Perrow truly looks forward to his Agility Ability sessions.  He and his Dad love going to class. He was born with Arthrogryposis.  His leg muscles are very tight and his joints are very stiff in his lower extremities.  His love of dogs began when he was struggling to recover form a hip surgery.  He wasn’t willing to try to move his legs or crawl.  We got him a puppy and Rolo got him moving without us prompting him.  All it took was for the puppy to bite his ears and he was wiggling and moving around within minutes.  Now, Max has a golden retriever named Lady.  He likes walking her around the block on his ownand playing Monkey in the Middle with the family.  He has gained independence and shown a growth in his responsibility due to having Lady.  He looks forward to Agility Ability and seeing his dog buddies.  His favorite dog is Striker.  What an amazing program to empower children through their love of animals.  Unlike other sports, it does not matter that he uses a wheel chair or gets around on his knees.  He is able to do it all!”
–Heather Perrow, Mom
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